Net Metered Solar + EV Chargers + Car Ports

Net Positive Cash Flow

Solar has never been a better investment.

 Business owners can achieve a net positive cash flow in year one by combining a net metered solar installation with Level 3 Electric Vehicle Chargers and solar car ports, taking maximum advantage of a suite of opportunities:

  • a change to the CRA tax regulations which allow the capital costs of a solar energy system to be written off against taxable income 100% during the first year
  • a subsidy from Natural Resources Canada which will pay up to $50,000, or 50% of the capital cost of a Level 3 EV charging station
  • the income / savings generated by the solar PV system
  • the income generated by the EV charging station
  • the CRA interest cost deduction for income producing investments

It adds up to a smart investment which will future-proof your business.



 Alectric designs, supplies and installs turn-key solar net metered electricity generation systems which allow you to generate positive cash flow in your business – in year one in many cases.

You will receive a credit on your utility bill for the solar electricity you produce.

A typical 600 KW (DC) solar PV system will generate approximately $75,000.00 worth of electricity savings in year one. This value will increase each year as the price of electricity rises.

The capital costs of a net metered solar generation system can now be completely written off in the first operating year. Interest payable to finance the purchase may also be deducted from taxable income.



Alectric  is partnered with ChargeLab to deliver EV charging stations based on an open source network management platform.

 Level 3 EV chargers can fully charge an electric car in 30 to 45 minutes and are the most in-demand amenity among EV drivers. Yet there are very few of these fast charging stations today. Why not draw EV drivers to your business?

Spring 2019 is a great time to bundle in a Level 3 EV charging station with a net metered solar electricity system. Natural Resources Canada will fund up to 50% of your total project costs for the installation of each level 3 EV Charging Station. Alectric will help your organization apply.

Application deadline is May 16, 2019.




Alectric has partnered with NYC- based Inhabit Solar to deliver exquisitely designed and easy to install solar car ports in Ontario and Alberta.

Owners of large commercial and residential buildings will love the high aesthetic of Inhabit Solar’s parking structures.

If you’re already investing in a roof-mounted solar PV system and EV charging station and you provide on-site parking, then adding a solar car port makes a lot of sense. A solar car port is a great place to mount your EV charging station, and you can fold the costs of the car port into the solar net metering project, with all of the financial and tax advantages.